Trending Teal Blue Satin Chiffon Heavy Diamond Work Saree for Wedding-Party

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Please select Customization: With Unstich Blouse

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Detailing Of Stitching Options:-

  • Stitched Blouse: We will stitch the blouse according to your size and measurement. Customisation in blouse design and fabric is also possible in a solid blouse.
  • Petticoat: Underskirt enhancing the saree drape and overall appearance.
  • Pre-stitched Saree: Ready-to-wear saree with pre-arranged pleats and open pallu for easy draping.

Saree length - Standard:-

Saree Type - Pre-stitched/ Regular

Occasion - Wedding wear, Party wear, Festive wear

Measurement Guide: After placing your order, we will provide a measurement form for your convenience. Please fill out the form with your required measurements. Additionally, you can choose or add blouse designs directly in the form. This step ensures a customized and perfect fit for your order.

Important Note:- 

Customization is possible for Prepaid Orders Only. Customization is not Possible for COD orders. Customized Products will be shipped within 3 to 4 working days of placing the order.

Stone and kundan work involve embedding semi-precious stones, beads, and gems onto the fabric to create elaborate designs and patterns. This form of embellishment is commonly seen in bridal and festive sarees, adding a touch of glamour and luxury.

Chiffon is a lightweight and sheer fabric known for its delicate, elegant drape. Chiffon is made from a variety of fibers, including silk, polyester, and nylon. Silk chiffon is particularly prized for its luxurious feel and appearance. The fabric is transparent and has a slightly rough texture, giving it a subtle, textured surface. Whether it's for a flowing summer dress or an elegant saree, chiffon remains a timeless and popular

choice in the world of fashion.

  • Dry Cleaning only
  • Separate Wash only
  • Avoid Soaking
  • Gentle Drying
  • Low to Medium Iron Setting
  • Avoid Bleach and Harsh Chemicals
  • Choose a shaded spot for drying sarees
  • Store the saree in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. 
  • Use a saree cover to store the saree