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The Grandeur Of Sarees For Women 

A saree or sari is a garment for women to drape around their bodies and pair with a blouse. The garment has a historical significance and cultural diversity. The regal visual appeal and sleek look of a saree empower your inner diva to shine her brightest and be your iconic self. 

Saree is one of the most diverse apparel in history in terms of its style and use. Based on various regions, quality, and design they can be used as a classic wedding or Indian bridesmaid saree to minimalist casual or office wear sarees

The Evolution To Pre-Stiched Saree: 

A traditional saree was a long rectangular piece of cloth to drape around the body. Over time, with the modernization of the world, the saree became a hassle to wear and handle. People switched to more comfortable wear to ditch the tedious draping process for a saree. But the beauty of the saree is still the most sought. To tackle this situation, the designers came with the pre-stitched saree for quick draping while adorning their beauty with intricate designs and luxurious visual appeal. 

Following are the ways you can adopt a saree to wear and give a gracious touch to your attire. 

Traditional Sarees For Weddings:  

A wedding is the perfect place to let your inner diva shine with the touch of ethnicity. Designer sarees inspired by our diverse cultural heritage empower you to express yourself better and creatively. 

Silk Saree 

The beauty of the silk saree has persisted through the centuries. Its smooth finish, combined with its durability makes it perfect for weddings and as a  bridesmaids saree. 

Kanjivaram Saree 

Kanjivaram saree, or Kanchipuram saree, originates from the Kanchipuram region of Tamil Nadu. The opulent brocade patterns adorn the soft silky material with an enticing golden border. Pure kanjivaram silk saree for bride is a staple choice for a regal bridal look. 

Banarasi Saree

Banarasi silk saree comes from Banaras and is characterized by gold and silver zari brocade designs on the silk saree. The banarasi saree for weddings is a staple choice for a regal appeal.  

Bandhani Saree 

The intricate tie-dye technique is the heart of Bandhani saree designs. This traditional design has been popular for centuries and adds a touch of elegance to your wedding attire. 

Patola Saree 

The patola saree is made using the resist-dying technique to form unique motif designs. Nowadays Patola printed sarees are more popular among wedding saree choices.  

Party Wear Sarees For Women: 

Dressing for a party or a bridal party requires one to up their fashion game and be their most iconic self. The following are the perfect bridesmaid saree or party wear saree options:

Georgette Saree 

The sheer and lightweight georgette is the perfect choice for a party wear saree. The georgette saree is adorned with an intricate setting of sequins, zari, and embroidery work. 

Organza Saree 

The sheer, lightweight, and net-like finish of the organza fabric is preferred to make designer sarees. The organza saree party wear is perfect for nighttime parties, while variants like printed organza sarees with patola designs are perfect as bridesmaid sarees. 

Satin Saree 

Satin sarees are the perfect party wear sarees due to their lustrous visual appeal. The glossy surface of the satin saree makes the vibrant color pop, and the intricate patterns stand out in a night event. 

Chiffon Saree 

The sheer and lustrous finish of chiffon gives the apparel a chic and shimmery touch to shine at the party. The pure chiffon saree, when styled right, can be the most visually appealing apparel to let your inner diva shine. 

Casual Sarees For Office Wear: 

Work setting can’t limit you from embracing your fashionista side. With the beauty of the soft pastels and enticing digital prints, these office-wear sarees elevate your fashion game at work and boost your confidence. 

Cotton Saree 

Cotton is one of the softest, most breathable, and most absorbent materials, the perfect choice for office wear sarees. A cotton saree is lightweight and comfortable to wear on a working day or for daily wear. 

Crepe Saree 

For the bold beauties, the crepe saree’s lustrous finish, accompanied by the bold pop colors, is the most stunning choice. If dressing for office parties, you can embrace your fashionista side while keeping the professional side intact. 

Linen Saree 

Linen is a fabric made from flax plants and is a lot like silk. It has a rougher finish and is more rigid and stronger than silk. The longevity of the linen saree elevates your visual appeal in a formal setting or any occasion where you need to shine in a saree. 

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