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Ikonikbez’s Saree And Blouse For Your Iconic Self! 

The Saree or Sari is one of the most beautiful and ornate apparel for women to embrace their feminine grace. It has a deep cultural significance and is one of the most comfortable apparel to wear. However, draping the Traditional saree might be tricky, leading to decreased use of this iconic apparel. Designers who understood this came up with a pre-stitched saree, better known as a ready-to-wear saree, and designer blouses to help you embrace your style hassle-free. 

What Is A Pre-Stiched Saree? 

pre-stiched saree or Ready-to-wear sari is one where the pleats are pre-stitched in place, and sometimes drapes are pre-made to make wearing a saree more convenient. If you struggle with draping or defining the pleats of your saree, these pre-stitched sarees will do wonders for you. In 5 minutes, you can wear these sarees directly and glam up with your favorite jewelry. 

The Beauty Of Designer Blouse: 

A fancy blouse can elevate the beauty of your traditional saree and add a touch of contemporary fashion. With time and every growing fashion trend, the world of designer blouses has expanded its wings. The Custom made Blouse collection of ikonikbez strives to balance the cultural heritage of the apparel and the modern needs of women today and craft stylish apparel.  

Materials Loved Through The Ages 

Sarees and blouses have been a significant part of our heritage. There are a variety of materials and styles of this apparel belonging to various regions. Each region adds its unique touch to the material, style, and design of the saree with blouse. A few of the most popular and loved materials to make a pre-stitched saree with a blouse are: 


Silk, the queen of the textile world, is one of the most popular materials from ancient times. Its soft texture and high-end luxurious visual appeal make it perfect for classy silk sarees like banarasi silk saree, kanjivaram silk saree, handloom silk saree, pure silk organza saree, digital printed silk saree, and more. 


Cotton is one of the most breathable and water-absorbent materials, perfect for cotton blouses and cotton sarees like pure cotton saree, printed cotton saree, pure cotton handloom saree, handloom silk cotton saree, and more. 


The flowy, breathable, and lightweight georgette is one of the most preferred fabrics to make party wear sarees and designer blouses. The ready to wear georgette saree is perfect for your fashion-forward wardrobe.


The lustrous appeal of the satin with the flowy material makes them perfect for designer wedding sarees and blouses. The designer satin sarees and their variants elevate the chic appeal of your collection. 


Organza is a lightweight and semi-transparent fabric used excessively in making wedding and party-wear apparel. It makes the perfect material for making exquisite organza sarees

Saree And Blouse For Every Occasion: Something For Everyone

Contrary to popular belief, a saree can be worn on various occasions. Whether it is as a traditional festive sarees or a casual saree for office wear, it enables you to embody your unique feminine energy with grace. 

Wedding Saree:

Saree is a classic choice to dress for a wedding. The heavy work for the Bridesmaid and the wedding saree for the guests is perfect for your glamorous self. Paired with a Designer Blouses you have the pic ture-perfect look for a wedding. 

Office Saree: 

A saree can never disappoint in empowering you with its grace and elegance. Office wear sarees perfect addition to a diverse and fashion-forward wardrobe.  

Party Wear Saree:

Let your inner diva shine with the stunning Designer party wear saree to elevate your charm and elegance. 

Bridesmaid Saree: 

Be the beautiful you with the mesmerizing bridesmaid sarees

Explore The Diverse Collection Of Sarees And Blouses At Ikonikbez! 

Ikonikbez believes in giving a touch of richness and grandeur to traditional sarees for women. We have a diverse collection of ready-to-wear sarees and designer blouses inspired by our heritage and culture. Whether you are going to a party, the bridesmaid of your bestie, or at work, embrace your inner diva and be your iconic self with the Ikonibez saree and blouse collection.

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