Trending Modern Blouse Designs For Every Occasion in 2024



Trending Modern Blouse Designs For Every Occasion in 2024

 Are you looking for a fun way to style your saree?  The designer ready made blouse is the perfect companion to your ready made pleated saree for quick and quirky visual aesthetics. A blouse can become your way to embrace and express your style on various occasions, from weddings to office wear. In this blog, we have mentioned 8 blouse designs trending in the fashion world.  

With Ikonicbez, you can easily customize blouse online from the comfort of your home. More on this later, but first, let's look at some captivating designer blouses to elevate your beauty and a chic saree companion.  

Remember, this is for your reference. You can let your imagination run wild with designs. We will help you make your dream outfit come to life. 

Blouse Designs for Sarees and Lehengas: Elevate Your Look!

Deep V neck blouse

If bold and beautiful is your fashion identity, the V neck blouse is your perfect choice. The deep V cut neckline is a bold statement apparel to showcase your courage and fashion diva persona. A backless V neck blouse is a recipe for a head-turning ensemble. 

Leaf neck blouse

If you love simple and cute styles, a leaf neck blouse is your companion. The leaf neckline has the shape of the pointed top of the leaf. The deep leaf neck blouse beautiful neckline that provides coverage on the front with a stunning backless design for you to flaunt your style. This festive wear blouse adds a touch of elegance to your attire.  

Ruffle sleeve blouse 

ruffle sleeve blouse - ikonikbez

Ruffles are trending and loved by the fashion industry. They add a dramatic flair to the apparel whilst maintaining elegant attire. The ruffle sleeve blouse is perfect as an organza or satin blouse for saree. These ruffled sleeves are perfect as a bridesmaid blouse for a captivating look you need on such a special day. 

Sweetheart neck blouse

Sweetheart Neckline Sleeveless Blouse - ikonikbez

The stunning and classic sweetheart neck blouse is your go-to chic design for your sarees. It never fails to add a touch of elegance and softness to your attire. The sweetheart neckline accentuates your neckline and elevates the appeal of your saree. Whether as a georgette blouse for festive attire or a casual wear blouse made of silk for your office, a sweetheart neckline blends well with any style. To add a little drama you can use a spaghetti strap with the sweetheart neckline and use a few statement jewellery to let your outfit shine. 

Halter neck blouse

custom made halter neck Blouse - ikonikbez

Halter neck blouses have become versatile apparel. Whether you pair it with a printed saree or with a jacket, they will boost your confidence and you flaunt your style with your unique flair. The halter neck blouse creates a visual appeal and accentuates your shoulders. 

Spaghetti strap neck blouse 

Spaghetti stap custom blouse - Ikonikbez

If you love experimenting with fashion, the spaghetti strap blouse is perfect for you. The thin straps give an elegant yet bold visual appeal to your attire. They are a perfect match for a desi girl avatar at a party to let your inner diva shine. You can jazz up your attire with a party wear blouse with this blouse to accentuate your neckline and shoulders. 

Boat neck blouses

Custom made boat neck Blouse - ikonikbez

For a laid-back yet stylish neckline a boat neck blouse is the perfect choice. The neckline runs from shoulder to shoulder across the collarbone. The beauty of this blouse elevates the chic visual aesthetics and adds an alluring charm to your otherwise simple office ensemble. You can jazz up your attire by using the blouse, a few jewellerey, and a hairstyle that suits the design. 

Square neck blouse

Custom made square neck Blouse - ikonikbez

A square neckline is another classic shape to elevate the visual appeal of your attire and elevate your fashion game by a notch. The square neckline blouse adds a quirky element to your ensemble to make heads turn. 

Most Preferred Materials For Designer Blouses 

A designer blouse is of no use, if it's not comfortable and you can’t move freely. Following are the few preferred fabric materials preferred to make designer blouses for saree: 

Silk blouse 

The soft fabric makes the perfect choice for a simple yet chic blouse design. The silk blouse for saree has been a classic choice for ages, as it provides comfort and adds an elegant touch to the ensemble. 

Georgette blouse 

A georgette blouse is a classic for party wear saree. The soft yet sheer texture of the organza makes the perfect base of embellishment required in a glimmering blouse. 

Organza blouse 

For the fashion divas, the organza blouse is the perfect choice. The sheer and transparent fabric is the perfect base to make unique blouse designs like ruffles, balloon sleeves, and more. 

Satin blouse 

The shine of the satin blouse matches the festive vibes. The softness and the shiny appeal of the satin party wear blouse design for saree is loved by many and you should not miss out on that as well. 

How To Customize Blouse With Ikonikbez? 

You can style your blouse as you wish so that your inner diva can shine on any occasion. With Ikonikbez you can DIY design your blouse to fit your needs. When you place an order for the blouse you need, you will receive a form to add all your measurements and customization details (if any). You can use paper and pen to draw a rough sketch of your desired customized blouse designs to make a custom blouse. We will make the blouse as per your instructions for you so that you can style it effortlessly. 


A blouse can elevate the beauty of your saree and help you express your personality. We have discussed the 8 trending designer blouse shapes to try in 2024 that fit various occasions. Like the sweetheart neckline for office or casual wear, the bold and stylish deep V neck blouse or halter neck for a party, and the leaf neck or boat neck for the wedding. If you to experiment, a spaghetti strap blouse is the perfect choice. With Ikonikbez you can customize your designer blouse design from the comfort of your home. Explore our stunning collection of designer blouses to style with your Designer sarees, lehengas, or any apparel that helps you express your style. Be your iconic self with ikonikbez!